Storytelling Workshop

Online Lesson

Inspire Action Through Stories

May 19, 2021 ; Friday
11 AM-1PM | 2PM-4 PM
One-Day Workshop

Fee: ₹3000/-

Looking to communicate with impact at work? Join our dynamic and interactive workshop on Storytelling. We learn how storytelling improves workplace communication and collaboration. This workshop will unlock the power of storytelling and teach you to engage and connect with your audience, convey complex ideas, inspire action, and drive results. You’ll learn how to craft compelling stories and gain the skills to build trust, establish credibility and leave a lasting impression.

Through individual, pair and group work, you’ll develop your own stories and gain practical experience in using storytelling to enhance your personal brand and establish yourself as a thought leader. Whether you’re a business leader, educator, school administrator, coordinator, marketer, or anyone seeking to improve communication skills, this workshop is designed to cater to your needs.

Stories have been an integral part of human communication for centuries, and today, storytelling is used as a powerful toll to communicate ideas, engage audiences, and influence behaviour at the workplace. When used effectively it can improve employer branding, customer loyalty, leadership communication, and problem solving. Crafting a compelling business story requires creativity, vision, skill and practice.

Register now and learn how to turn your anecdotes into action!

What You’ll Learn:

– Storytelling
– Effective Communication
– Inspiring Action

Shreeja Jhawar
Trainer at Life Changer Workshops

I’m a certified Trainer & Public Speaker from Dale Carnegie Institute, ISTD and JCI. I am British Council Certified IELTS trainer. I have been a blogger for an MNC with global readership of over 7 million users. I wrote and sold 450 stories and co-authored Rendezvous with God. I wrote a script for a show in Star Plus and seven Chicken Soup For The Soul Series carry real stories written by me. I have recently published a story in Being Women, an anthology published by inkin publishers in collaboration with Tata Steel.

I’m based in Kolkata and currently work at Life Changer Workshops. I love telling stories and inspiring action in people using these anecdotes.

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