Past Life Regression Therapist Training

Residential Retreat at Rishikesh

About The Event
Welcome to a life changing training to become a therapist and heal people from their karmic traps and enhance lives.We are proud to announce The Therapist Training Program from Dec 1-7 2022 / May 1st to 7th 2023 in the serene valley of Rishikesh.

When we relive we are relieved!
Our soul or atman is multidimensional. Every dimension holds within it a facet of our collective consciousness. Through the tool of past life therapy, you can touch the myriad kaleidoscopic self and create insight into the various questions that may be troubling your existence today.The past lies in the present while the present holds a key to the future. It is in the present we can visit the past and free ourselves from the beliefs, emotions and thoughts that may be blocking our enlivenment of our souls to take us to a brighter, happier and joyous self.The purpose to teach past life therapy is to help all of us who want to heal ourselves and others take a quantum leap towards healing the psychic wounds that create a repetitive recurrent pattern of toxic thoughts and beliefs. These then grow into tumors of turmoil sucking the person into a quagmire of questions.Why me and what have I done???
A journey into your past life develops insight into your present actions. It helps to take you to your unknown frontiers of consciousness and unravel the purpose of your earthly existence. It also gives you an understanding that there are so many other existences that you have lived before each one more fascinating than the other.With its benefit seen in my clients, I feel happy to share my insights and experience in making the world free of guilt and fear. Many of us don’t even know that we can hold the torch of free will to reach the spirit of enlivenment that lives within all of us.We are co-creators in the path towards enlivenment.

What You’ll Learn:

Day 1- 
Arrival In Rishikesh (Rishikesh is well connected by Air, Rail, and Road, nearest airport is Dehradun, Jolly Grant , an hour drive away and nearest Railway Station is Haridwar or Dehradun)Check In At Yoga Niketan Ashram*Workshop commences post lunch Orientation and Introduction To Past Life Regression Therapy
Day 2-
Time: 9.30 am- 6.00pm
Inner Child Work
The topics for the day will include-Nurturing the child within.
Birth traumas and Character Structures
The development cycles
Inner child archetypes
Art Therapy and Inner Child Exploration
Acknowledging our fears
Transforming our inner selves
Visit To Valmiki Cave The sessions will be interactive and introduce participants to work with inner child traumas.

Day 3-
Time: 9.30am-6.00pm 
Hypnosis and Past Life Regression 
The topics for the day will include –Hypnosis and Structure of the mind
Techniques of Hypnosis
Cellular imprinting
Creating s understanding the core issues
Practical Hypnosis
Past Life Regression and Historical Significance
Video on Past Life Cases

Day 4-
Time: 9.30am-6.00pm
The topics for the day will include-Interviewing techniques and evaluation
Process and preparation
Induction Techniques
Core issues identification
Storage Patterns
Deepening Techniques
Live Demonstrations
Day 5-
Time: 9.30am-6.00pm
The topics of the day will include –
Demonstrations of techniques
Discussion of various s.
Interactive sessions
Understanding the trance state
Practical Assignments and sessions
Ganga Arati *
Day 6-
Time: 9.30 am-6.00pm
The topics of the day with includeThe regression s
Hands on experience
Q&A; Introduction to Akashic Library and Life Between Life
Advanced Deepening Techniques
Integrations and Closure 
Hands-on Experience
Day 7-
Time 9.00am -2.00pm
The topics for the day will include –
White Water Rafting (Optional)
Discussion and Conclusion
Emerging whole
Departures Post Lunch
*Written Exams will be conducted at the end of 6 months. At least 5 detailed cases will be expected from the participant at the end of 6 months. A certificate will be issued thereafter. This is optional and important for those who would like to practice.The intention of the workshop is to guide you to find out your soul’s purpose in this life and get direct answers to any other questions that you would like to ask about your present or past lifetimes.You will come to understand that lives are not accidents. There are opportunities for each of us to change and grow in every life.Seeing ourselves as immortal spiritual beings liberates us to make changes and bring more harmony of mind and body into our lives.Looking forward to your participation.Details for Participation:Workshop Fee: 70,000/- for all 7 days Includes course Material, Stay and all Veg meals

Dr Trupti Jayin Facilitator

Dr Trupti Jayin is a transformational life coach, Occupational Therapist, M.A. and M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, Specialization in psychotherapeutic techniques, trained by a German priest in Gestalt Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Transactional Analysis, EMDR, Rational Emotive therapy, Cognitive Therapy and NLP
Awarded For Her Research and Practices in Past Life Regression
Has Conducted Past Life Regression for 2 seasons in the live show ” Raaz Pichle Janam Kaa” on NDTV
Recently Invited to Talk on the prestigious TED Talk.

Dr Trupti Jayin- Ted Talk

Dec 1-7, 2022 | May 1-7, 2023

Rishikesh, UK

7 Days

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Seats are limited, so be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot!

“I really enjoyed the sessions. I certainly would recommend this training program to total beginners and to people like myself who need to consolidate the knowledge that they have attained over time and start practicing as therapists successfully.”
– Tertia

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