NLP Practitioner Training

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a part of neuroscience which deals with how the brain can be programmed to change the way we think, feel, and process experiences. NLP is all about upgrading the software of your brain to achieve excellence in any walk of life, be it professional or personal. Over the years, we have seen that people who have learnt NLP have been able to improve their interpersonal interactions and skills, relationships, parenting strategies, professional life, overall personal life and have become very productive in anything they do. If you aren’t using NLP, then you are working too hard. We are offering International Certification accredited to The National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NFNLP, USA. We are also offering AANLP Certification as well. Connect with us for details.

Key NLP Interventions during the course:

  1. Understanding the brain and neurology
  2. Defining Well-formed outcomes (important to set goals in all areas of life)
  3. Neurological levels model for Problem-solving model (for self and others)
  4. Understanding Cause and Effect (being at the solution end)
  5. Understanding Learning styles/ Representational systems (for a better connect and rapport with others)
  6. Sensory Acuity (for calibrating other people to recognize and utilize physiological cues and states)
  7. Techniques of how to build Rapport (range of applications in day-to-day personal and professional life)
  8. Sub-modalities (applications in taking away unwanted obsessions and cravings and helps in building the right motivation in various scenarios)
  9. Managing personal states (being in the right state of mind even in overwhelming situations)
  10. Anchoring (dealing with limiting beliefs, self-motivation, feeling differently about the past, Coaching applications)
  11. Achieving and maintaining States of Excellence
  12. Parts integration (dealing with dilemmas)
  13. Perceptual Positions (effective Conflict Management Skill, getting wisdom from multiple perspectives)
  14. Strategies for learning, motivation, decision making and creativity
  15. Elicit and utilize strategies of Excellence, modelling a skill for accelerated learning
  16. Recognizing and utilizing effective Language Patterns for the right results
  17. Learning time-based techniques for dealing with traumas
  18. Phobia cure technique to deal with irrational fears

Key take-aways:

  • How to increase your own productivity and help others grow theirs
  • Interventions in dealing with your limiting beliefs, fears and phobias
  • Manage stress and face challenging situations more effectively
  • Ways to motivate self and others
  • Interventions to deal with uncomfortable situations and difficult people
  • Dealing with negative emotions (anger, fear, grief, hurt etc.) and negative self-talk
  • Build rapport and manage relationships
  • Modelling techniques to accelerate Learning to achieve excellence in any field
  • Do away with unwanted habits and addiction
  • Helping other people transform their lives

Join NLP Practitioner Training & Learn How To Master Yourself.

Key Benefits of NLP

Excellence and mastery comes from having many choices. Wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives. NLP techniques open up your map and empowers you with various possibilities which otherwise get restricted because of limiting beliefs.

To improve the quality and effectiveness of your performance. NLP focusses on your thought processes that influence your behaviour. It identifies, uses and changes patterns in your thoughts so that you become more masterful and attain your desired outcomes.

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Who Will Benefit?

Business Leaders | HR | Trainers/Coaches | Marketing & Sales Professionals | Parents | Leaders | Sportsmen and those working with people or in high-performance jobs and towards personal development.

Some common and easily attained benefits

  • Quick Rapport Building With People
  • Enhanced communication with others and yourself
  • The ability to influence and motivate people
  • Managing your emotions and personal composure
  • Break your unproductive habits such as procrastination, overeating etc
  • Turning limiting beliefs into empowering ones
  • Resolution of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Heightened creativity & the ability to learn
  • Release destructive relationships and attract and improve positive relationships
  • Powerful coaching skills to work with others
  • Expanded belief of what is possible for you
  • Know your life purpose and learn how to reinforce and create roadmaps for your goals

And much much more…

Fees : INR 14,999 ;

Group Discounts Available

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