“Mess” To Message

Let’s Plunge headfirst In The Mess To Get The INSIGHTFUL messages strewn in the path leading to Your Vision & our BEST Performance

The workshop is for all those who wish to perform at their best in this time of cooped up scenario, unpredictable tomorrows, tanking economies and changing realities to understand the subtle messages and strong cornerstone virtues that’ll help in transcending mess into message and bring them back to the light of their vision! 

  1. Creative Thinking and Innovation For Optimal Performance
  2. Collaboration and Team Performance with Effective Communication
  3. Character Vs Image Building
  4. Productivity Hacks
  5. The Joy-Q Activities & Q&A

Rather than shoving down your throat another motivational pill which works like the steroid for a few hours, days or months this mini-workshop aims at bringing you to the ghats of the serene river of creativity within you and letting you dip in it and know it for real! 

We will learn the tools to see beyond the seemingly obvious and know how we can at all levels make a difference and align our goals with organization’s visions in these changing times.

So let’s begin the journey now.

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Mess! Yes it is real and only when you become aware of it the message gets clear. Are you ready to move a level up in your creativity and productivity at work and personally?

Exceptional trainer, motivational speaker who combines all the different schools of learning. She has spent a lot of time learning from the best of theories and different versions of experts. In her training you will find best of Dale Carnegie,Jci trainings, yogic practices and many more. Lucky to have you as mentor.

Anupam Baid

President JCI Kolkata

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