Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are our strength, but they can easily be our weakness. If not regulated and managed it can ruin all the skills and talents that our intellect and creativity work at. The E-motions which is the wave of energy that is generated from the deep seated beliefs , values and identity, it is important to check and channelize it for a smoother experience of life, effective and genuine relations and peaceful life. EI makes you more solution-focused.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020. Approximately 82% of global companies now utilise EQ tests for executive positions; 72% of these companies give the tests to middle management and only 59% of companies give the tests to entry-level positions. In addition to boosting our mental health and well-being, it is an important factor for great leadership. People with high EQ make an average of $29,000 per year more than people with low EQ as per a research by Dr. Travis Bradberry, the award-winning co-author of the #1 bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Often the people with lower EQ end up working for those who have lower IQ than them. Let this sink in.

Online EI Workshop.

5 Days Online/Offline Certified Course on Emotional Intelligence with Shreeja Jhawar, Emotional Intelligence and NLP coach and Master Practitioner.

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The changing faces of emotions and states have been experienced in the recent times more than ever before. Emotions hijack our amygdala, a small cluster of nuclei present in the limbic part of our brain and is responsible for our reactions. When you feel threatened and afraid, the amygdala automatically activates the fight, flight or freeze response by sending out signals to release stress hormones that prepare your body to fight or run away, fear, anxiety, aggression, and anger are the result. So, for those not being able to manage the triggers within or in their environment will often find themselves in such inopportune situations. If you think your reactions aren’t appropriate, exaggerated or subdued in any way you need to check your EI. The IQ and skill-sets can take you up there but only EQ can sustain you. It helps build strong interpersonal relationships.

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Course Content

The Course is designed in a way that you can learn the principles of EI by engaging with and applying the simple tools and techniques to alleviate your emotional quotient and build great relations with people around you.

  1. Understanding Emotions
  2. EQ And IQ
  3. Finding true Purpose in Life and having compelling Vision
  4. Assess the quality of our communication, relationships and EQ
  5. How well we read others and have behavioural flexibility
  6. Self-awareness and Mindfulness
  7. Emotional Management & Regulation, Mood Maps
  8. Others’ Awareness is to understand people and their motives better and create meaningful and effective communication
  9. Others’ Management which would help in Leadership, Parenting,Team Building, Networking and so on
  10. Self and Others’ Motivation to walk in and out of states at will
  11. Dealing with overwhelming situations and people, conflict resolution
  12. Dealing with Limiting Beliefs and living with Empowering Beliefs
  13. Creating an environment of harmony and camaraderie.

Who Will Benefit?

Students | Parents | Leaders | Sales Executives | Politicians |Relationships Manager | Teachers/Trainers | Couples |Coaches/Mentors | Entrepreneurs | Health Professionals

**If you are working with people in any field you need to know this .

Who should attend?

Anyone with 14 years and above

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Get updated or burn out in your emotions. Try the cumbersome, long-drawn trial and error approach and pull yourself together for the rest of your remaining life when your age would defy you and no weapons would be left to fight the war of emotions and reason. Wander through the labyrinth of life and or skid in the glossy walkway of hobnobbing or let yourself be robbed of your goodness and authenticity or become a loner rather than challenging yourself to improve each day and enhance your understanding of the strongest faculty of yours – your mind. Building relations are easy when we have our boundaries in place too, when we know our selves and others we connect better and can create a long lasting relationship with others. Let your heart and your intellect work in a synergy so that you never lose your empathy, compassion, goodness and at the same time keep your self-esteem intact. Be smart and yet be in love.

The world needs you

Your family & friends need you

You need you too.

Emotional Intelligence Has Been Developed For Over Four Decades And Is Now An Important Matrix To Calculate Competencies

Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. A comprehensive theory of EI was proposed in 1990 by two psychologists, Peter Salovey, at Yale, and John Mayer, now at the University of New Hampshire. Another pioneering model of emotional intelligence was proposed by Reuven Bar-on, an Israeli psychologist in 1980s. In 1983 Howard Gardner who propounded the seven multiple intelligence theory also distinguished the intellectual and emotional capacities.

This is NOT “dump a bunch of hype on you and wish you all the best”. We have intentionally designed this transformative experience for you based on scientific facts.

When you apply the strategies outlined in the program, you’ll have more breathing room in your life, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter. You’ll not only become mindful but increase your EQ and way with the people. It is not becoming book-smart but people-smart.

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Let’s Design Our Life Together.


“I wanted to give feedback on the totally brilliant Emotional Intelligence skills course I attended last week. It has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. You were able to tailor the whole course to our individual needs. The experience with EI course from start to finish was faultless. I can see why your company is called Life Change Work! I have recommended the course to some of my colleagues.” Abhiraj Chatterjee, HR professional

“Very informative, really made me think about possible scenarios, particularly in the workplace” Anju Saini, Life Coach

“A very informative and eye-opening programme… I thought Shreeja covered all the areas brilliantly. I especially loved the mood boards we made in one of the activities” Abhilasha Agarwal, HDFC

“Having the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice. I really appreciate the flexibility” Ankita Shroff, Student

“The whole aspect/topics were just great! I found it all to be just right.  I am more confident in the way I would take phone calls with angry clients after this course… in general the course was great and you kept us all involved”  Bina Somani, Real Estate Agent

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