Blogging Business Course

Blogging Course Outline

Welcome to the blogging business course. In this course, we will teach you how to create your successful blog and also how to turn your blog into a successful business. We will do this by educating you on blogs, their features, and how you integrate all aspects together.

Blogging has been around for almost two decades now and during the past decade, people have discovered the art of making passive income from blogs.

Now you can not only write the content that you are passionate about and share it with the rest of the world but you can also make a career out of this passion.

Although sounding like one amazing opportunity, it can be quite difficult to navigate through. Most people do not realize that it is not as easy as it sounds. It is not simply writing content, publishing it, and then getting money in return. The business of blogging is slightly more technical and nuanced than that. It is an art that needs to be learned.

This course will guide you through the different technicalities of blogging and provide you with all the necessary tools to establish a successful blogging business.

In the first module, we will describe what blogging is, and will give you definitions and terminologies that would help in clarifying things in further modules.

Module two will discuss why you should start a blogging business. It will discuss how you can achieve your goals for a blogging business and what you can expect from the future if you become a part of the world of blogging.

The third module will move on to describing the things you will be needing to establish a blogging business. This module will also explain the tools you will need to start blogging.

The fourth module deals with the aspect of the audience. This module will first explain the significance of having a good number of unique views. Then it will explain how you can increase the traffic for your blog. This module also gives you some special tips that you can use to increase your audience.

The fifth module delves into the technical aspects of blogging. It will deal with creative ways of writing the blogs and explains how you should be going about it. This module also has a step-by-step guide on how you publish your first blog post.

The sixth module will deal with the aspect of keeping your blog relevant, trendy, and fresh. In order to remain popular among readers, this is an important point of consideration.

The seventh module will discuss the technicalities of turning your blog into a business. After the development your blog you will be given guidance on how you can make a business out of your blog. The module will explain how you can use your expertise to gain sponsors for your blog and how these sponsors will help with your business. This module will also give real case histories and examples of successful bloggers.

The eighth module will give you a comprehensive list of things do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a business out of your blogging. This module will also list a number of considerations to be kept in mind.

The ninth module is about revision and simulation. It will also provide you a quick guide into designing your banners and creatives and also give you a peep into the world of photography.

The tenth module will list out many tools and apps you can use for smooth and uninterrupted blogging. It will shed light on how to be the influencer in your field.

The online course is for 10-15 days, post that we will be connected on a WhatsApp group for a month to handhold you and guide you in your journey. The fees is INR 4500 early bird is INR 4000 to be paid in advance. WhatsApp +91 9831115757 for registrations.


Facilitator: Shreeja Jhawar

Shreeja is a transformational speaker and trainer and she writes to express the unexpressed and bring change in the lives of the readers and give them new perspectives. Her efforts are to liberate herself and others through writings. Rendezvous With God is a significant step in the same direction which she took with the support of her friend Abhilasha Agarwal. It is bringing the far-fetched concept of God often endorsed and depicted by the saints, mystics, and priests, closer. God dwells within you as you. You meet God every day and you don’t even realize it, based on this simple truth this book will give hope to all readers. Shankar Mahadevan, Salim Merchant, and many other celebrities who walked the path to success with their efforts and crossed the line that made them extraordinary shared their rendezvous with God moments with us and helped us in bringing together this beautiful book published by the Wisdom Village Publishers. Shreeja has written for Chicken Soup for the soul series and for Star Plus shows as well besides writing for Times of India and The Tribune.7 remarkable stories of real people which will get you thinking have been published in the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series.450 plus articles have been published in the blog of 123greetingscom as an alias of Editor Bob. Her free falling short stories, poems, and articles are featured in the unboxedwriterscom and her own blog is writing a sequel to Rendezvous with God along with a novel on a real love story which will be soon published.


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