Advance Emotional Intelligence

New Batches For 7 Days Certified Online Course on Emotional Intelligence With Psychometric Assessments are Starting From Oct 3-10 2021; Time 6pm-8pm

After the Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence and learning about the four quadrants, personalities and emotions and how to deal with them at cognitive and behavioural level, this advance workshop brings to you some of the deep structure work in the field of emotional intelligence.

We incorporate the techniques of Emotional Journey which help you to get rid of psychosomatic problems and free yourself from the patterns of emotional upheaval.

We also include emotional freedom techniques. Emotional Intelligence journal is given to make it a daily practice.

We learn self-hypnosis and NLP techniques to work on our emotional states and stay in an empowered one rather than a impoverished one.

Advance Emotional Intelligence course is for all those who need therapeutic interventions in dealing with their emotions. Also, for coaches, parents, trainers and therapists who are working with others will find it beneficial and can immediately incorporate the learning in their own work.

Online EI Workshop

4+4 Days Online/Offline Certified Course on Advance Emotional Intelligence with Shreeja Jhawar, Emotional Intelligence and NLP coach and Master Practitioner & Trainer.

Join EI Online Advanced Workshop & learn holistically how to manage your emotions.

  • Emotional Intelligence Deep Structure
  • EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Emotional Journey Practice & Script
  • NLP, Self-hypnosis & Emotions
  • Dance Movement Therapy & Art Therapy to work with emotions
  • Coaching For Emotional Intelligence
  • Inner Child Healing in relation to emotions
  • Bonus: Emotional Alchemy – Past life regression And Timeline Therapy To Heal emotional and psychosomatic issues

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Who Will Benefit?

Leaders | Coaches | Mentors | Facilitators | Teachers/Trainers |Couples | Parents | Counsellors |Psychotherapists | Health Professionals

**If you are working with people in any field you need to know this .

And I deeply pray that everyone discovers that they can strip away anything that might be holding them back on every level, and can begin living life from the real essence of their own soul.
Brandon Bays


Emotional Journey work is based on the work of Brandon Bays and the processes she teaches in her book ‘The Journey”.

This process helps to uncover specific memories and unresolved emotions from the past that have become bound in the physical tissues of our body and are restricting us in our current lives. These physiological blocks don’t just affect our health. They can also affect other areas, such as emotions, finances, work, relationships, creativity etc.

This process is also a simple, repeatable and surprisingly quick way for people to realize that pure, absolute love for themselves. The steps involve experiencing emotions and allowing oneself to ‘drop through’ to a deeper experience. If we go deep enough, we fall into the fountain of peace that we recognize as our own essence or source. This is the context in which deep healing, on all levels of our being, arises.

Emotional Journey work can help you move through a “stuck” place or to work on forgiveness of self and others. This simple, yet powerful process, has the potential to open your consciousness in ways you cannot believe possible. For it to be effective you must be willing to stay with the process and let go of whatever comes up. While it is called an emotional journey, you do not stay with any thought or feeling for any extended time. If you are willing to continue to let go and “drop through” to whatever is next, then this is for you. Emotional Journeys require a minimum of two hours and may go even longer. 

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