Mend Your Own Shoe First !

We owe it to ourselves. Don’t we?

I was strolling along the sidewalk when, as usual, I caught sight of several shiny items, scanned the colours and textures, and daydreamed about past experiences and mishaps. People were haggling over Alphonso mangoes, and the street was filled with the scent of the tropics. The sluggish wind was warm, and I could feel it. Summer has arrived, and soon it will rain. The cold, heavenly drops of rain help us endure the sweltering heat of the day, when temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

I stopped when I noticed a cobbler who works in this particular location every day at this hour. He was so earnestly working on polishing and fixing the shoes of others that I couldn’t help but notice how damaged his own shoes were. I questioned why he would do this to himself. I gave a disapproving shrug and kept going.

As I entered the office, I noticed the lady who sits at the reception. She had dabbed her face with cosmetics but her eyes were weary and her greetings were cold and often unreturned.This made me think. Shouldn’t those people who are meant to make others’ feel welcomed be cheerful, hale and hearty themselves?

The dualities of life and humans often bemuses me. Isn’t it our first responsibility to tend to ourselves before we save and serve others, even if it is to earn our living.

The little voice within me spoke curtly and vocalised it’s concern, “you lead spiritual and wellness discussions, shouldn’t you be less judgemental?” I laughed at myself and realised indeed we all need some self work, we all need to refocus on the Self we are ignoring because we are too caught up in the concept of the self which is nothing but ego identity and image we project out there in the world.

I was reminded about my challenges, I have PMS troubles which leads to a dark period of depression every month, lately I have been diagnosed of thyroid issues, high Bp, my lungs are performing at 38% which is thankfully reversible and my BMI says I am in the obesity bracket, my cholesterol levels are high. I was shocked to read my report and severely judged myself, called myself names and got in a blue mood for months, Last I checked I have been aware, I am in the field of self-development but I could not watch out for myself. I felt like an imposter, a failure until I realised I have the skill and knowledge to transform my life once again. My wellness was in my hands, all I need to do is implement the prescriptions I gave to others.

It is important for us to take our own responsibility seriously. Take care of yourself folks the way you do for your people, your clients, your work and your pets.

20 New Things In My Daily Routine That Help Me Take Care of My Mind, Body & Soul

  1. I start my day with a prayer which helps me to be aligned with the universal energy and feel positive.
  2. I like to start my morning with a cup of warm lime and honey water since it is energising. It is calming and has numerous health advantages. It speeds up metabolism and makes my liver happy. I schedule my day in my journal, including lots of downtime and breaks unlike how I used to pack my day earlier. I also give an hour to study during this time.
  3. I keep myself hydrated all day. It is the key to good health. I infuse jars (preferably earthen pot) of water with lemongrass or basil and keep it on my work table and one on the window sill to soak in the solar energy. Yes, I have positive words stuck to my water bottles as a reminder.
  4. I work out at my own pace following the videos of Radhika from Satvik movement. I love the surya namaskars and restorative yoga postures. I practice meditation and deep breathing. Currently I am doing 2 sets of 20 minutes transcendental meditation. It calms me and keeps me centred. I also take my morning medications along with meditation on time.
  5. For breakfast I make myself a nice and luscious green smoothie or enjoy hot breakfast of proteins and some fruits. I also like a bowl of oat meal porridge or a brown bread toast to get my morning fill.
  6. I play my music album called Recharge with songs I have anchored for motivation while I take a hot and cold shower which is great to boost dopamine levels.
  7. I pack myself some millet or multigrain roti with a generous helping of steamed veggies for lunch and walk down to the basement and drive to work.
  8. I extend greetings to those nearby, and this sociological action makes my thoughts content and happy. Everyone has a natural desire to belong, so maintaining social connections keeps the happiness quotient high and guarantees emotional and mental health.
  9. At office I take enough breaks to keep my creativity flowing. I relax often with likeminded and lighthearted friends instead of procrastinating. I plan my work and breaks proactively. It is summertime so instead of coffee breaks we take Nariyal pain / coconut water break. We walk around the office complex, walking helps me to be out in the sun and absorb the much needed Vitamin D besides keeping me fit and increasing my stamina. I also take vitamin D and multi vitamin tablets as prescribed to me by my nutritionist.
  10. Skipping the sugar has helped me feel healthy and energetic. Tea is filled with antioxidants and is satisfying. I love to sip warm chamomile or rose tea besides my regular ginger infusion.
  11. I read. It nourishes my mind. Find a writer who inspires you, then make friends with the work.
  12. I create affirmations for myself to read throughout the day to reinforce them and stay in the moment. I practice circle of excellence and anchoring techniques of NLP on a regular basis. I have created a plan for myself based on my meta-model, values and personality. I practice EFT with Ho’oponopono which is a Hawaiian technique for forgiveness towards self and others.
  13. I like to nibble on the walnuts and soaked almonds along with handful of assorted seeds. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acid which helps in stimulating the brain and nervous system. This is also the time to check on my mom, dad and kids. I sometimes message naughty things to my hubby if not a list of errands to complete. You cannot change somethings that are universal 😛
  14. My mentor always advised me to lessen the stimulations during main meals. I like to eat peacefully with my family, however at times, I confess I get caught up in the web series and end up eating more than needed, only to regret later. So I realise best is to go back to the basics. It is an important time as your body signals you when to stop. I eat in a place where I don’t indulge in mindless chatter and then I reward myself with a 30 minutes hiatus after the meal and allow myself to watch my favourite sitcom.
  15. In the evening I walk down to the juice corner and drink a glass of fresh juice packed with vitamins and minerals. It is made of celery, beetroot, carrots, ginger and lemon. It replenishes my energy. If I am working from home, I make it for myself the way I want and enjoy munching some tal makhana/ fox nuts along with it.
  16. I listen to good music while fixing myself some light dinner of soups or porridge. I drink my big bowl of vegetable soup and nibble onto some diet crackers with it and the get into a 14 hours of intermittent fasting.
  17. I make a list of groceries to stock in the refrigerator for a week so I don’t miss on my nuts, smoothies and other needs.
  18. Swimming in the evening or warm showers with lavender scent oil, bath salts, and candles are ideal for bedtime rituals or simply dipping my feet in warm water with bath salts and fragrant oils if not taking a shower. It completely relieves and calms the day’s stress. I frequently sip on warm turmeric or saffron infused water because it promotes sleep. I used to enjoy a warm glass of turmeric-infused milk in the past, but lately I’ve cut back on milk consumption.
  19. Before I turn in for the day, I log my thoughts in my purple journal, make a list of things for which I am grateful, spend time with my partner or friends, play a few games, solve the crossword in T2 or watch some television. We all enjoy Wordle puzzles, which have grown popular. Sometimes I like defeating my son in a game or two. I really enjoy praying, and I have a collection of them that I will share with you all.
  20. I believe that one of the most important thing for all of us is to sleep well. It helps in balancing the sleep hormone melatonin which helps in reduction of stress hormones.

Besides, I am following my Ikigai, regularly studying and learning to keep myself updated and going, I am engaging in interesting projects and assertively say no to time-consuming projects that is not part of my goals.

I am mindful of my company and draw healthy boundaries when needed. I recognize drama and stay away from it. I keep my emotions in check and use the strategies of my emotional intelligence workshop to regulate myself. I am aware and hopeful that with my lifestyle changes, I will soon see a brighter day when my medical reports are clear, my BMI is within a healthy range, and my mind is filled with joy and relationships with love. I will experience true abundance.

I joyfully greeted the receptionist as I exited the office and patiently waited for her to smile back. Interestingly she did beam at me.

While returning home I noticed the tired cobbler again. I went to him and noticed he had blisters in his legs. He looked at my shoes before moving his head up to see me. “The shoes look fine, what do you want, woman?” I bent over and opened his shoes and paid him to mend those. He beamed and started gluing and stitching and in no time his tattered shoes were fixed. He smiled at me and managed a choked thanks. I hope he gets the message.

Not all days go this perfect, somedays I am in bed for long, I skip workouts, I withdraw from people, I indulge in junk food cravings and I am a mess, but I have learned to accept myself even then and soon the clouds break apart with the gratefulness flow and I am me again with all my grit and resolves. So let the tough days hover around you like dark clouds but never forget you are the Sun and you’ll soon emerge.

Above all I have stopped my negative and judgy, self-deprimental inner chatter, it is okay to be not okay no matter what identity you carry out there in the world, radical acceptance has great power and healing happens when you do not deny what is.

So, friends maintain a daily schedule and take good care of yourself and then nurture the world around you.

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