My Journal Is My Therapist

Daily journaling is therapeutic. It is proven to be one of the tools used by psychologists and therapists across the globe. Each person has a unique style and way of journalling based upon his/her need in the current scenario in life. A student may need a more structured way of journaling while a writer or an artist may have a completely different approach. An individual going through specific psychological distress could use the journal as a form of therapy.

Journal therapy has helped me a lot in dealing with my premenstrual depression syndrome. I graduated in marketing and multimedia however today I am a counselling psychologist, CBT, NLP and Emotional Intelligence practitioner and coach. I am a certified trainer from Dale Carnegie institute, Junior Chambers International and ISTD and have taken international certifications in the field of NLP. The inspiration was my own recovery process including psycho-education and varied interventions I opted for. I realized there is still a huge gap in the holistic approach to mental health.

I worked with hundreds of individuals who were struggling with issues related to relationships, careers, finances, health, and other areas. I have challenged their limiting beliefs and stories using a variety of methods, including past life regression, emotional intelligence, inner child healing, journal therapy, Bach flower therapy, positive psychology, CBT, NLP, EFT, Ho’oponopono practices, pranic healing, and even Tarot. The outcomes have been extraordinary. I came to understand that treating mental health issues requires a comprehensive, humanistic, and holistic strategy rather than sticking to just one method.

Mind is like a sword, a double-edged dangerously sharp, sword. It can cut or create. You need to use it the right way. The mind is also like a mirror and hence you need to show it the apt object, goal, and vision under the correct amount of light for the right reflection. So, it is important to log not just your goals but also the way you spend your time on earth. You need to track your emotions, moods, motivations, relationship challenges & milestones, your joys and your sorrows alike. Self- awareness can totally change your life for the better.

Awareness is the key to enlightenment. So if you’re interested in becoming aware, go and create a journal for your thoughts and emotions, hopes and dreams, visions and impediments now. I prefer a dotted journal because I mostly follow the BUJO system developed by Ryder Carol. I have decided to take you through the steps of bullet journalling with meaningful collections based on your current needs.

Are you ready? If yes, start with an intention. In India we always start with two things. One is a prayer to lord Ganesha and another thing is Sankalpa, a Sanskrit word for setting an intention for our activity and committing to the same.

Let’s begin with understanding what is journal therapy and how did it evolve to be an evidence-proof intervention for mental health and personal development.

Teenagers should be introduced to journaling, which is a useful concept. I offer counselling to many of these energy packages who become bewildered as they enter the stage of a partially known yet largely unknown world. Teenage depression and anxiety is a common phenomenon and positive psychology, socratic questioning incorporated through journal prompts helps them to see the whole picture rather than the distorted images floating across the hyperspace that can put a lot of unnecessary burden on their tender and developing prefrontal cortex and can affect their self-image and self-esteem for good. I have included habit trackers, daily check – ins and a lot of interesting tools from art therapy that will keep them close to their dear diary. I prefer not to have a digital copy of the diary rather take print-out and use them, the idea is to reduce the screen time and use all sensory modalities to engage in the activity mindfully.

It has been an awesome ride as I write away my fear, anguish, agony and stresses. I recognise my triggers and I can counter them with my own affirmations. I can use my creativity and power of thought to change my emotional state and tune myself to my goals. I can clearly measure my success and never give up. I call my dear diary, DD (Dimag ka Doctor). She always gives me clarity, she preserves what is necessary, she warns me when I fall back to the old ways, she is my soulmate as she makes me meet myself in a new light. What will you call your journal ? What are some new things you do with your journaling practice ? Do share I am eager to learn and share. To get a copy of the Journals created by me which I usually personalise as per the needs of my counselling clients please write to me at

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