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The change work we focus on will support you in designing your life and breaking through the patterned thinking.

NLP Coaching
NLP Coaching

Certified Transformational Life Coach 

Don’t wait for motivation to come, don’t parrot affirmations without working first on the rooted beliefs, Don’t disguise your pain to cope up or move forward, just sit with your coach and speed up the process so that you can design your life and work in alignment with your visions.Don’t say don’t to life…do life!

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Attend Our Forthcoming  “Design Your Life” Webinars 


Neuro-Linguistic-Programming the science of excellence. Learn how you can create your own customized toolbox to stay in your high performing zone. “If it’s ought to be, it’s up to me.”


Emotional Intelligence workshop to be more proactive rather than reactive. Increase your EQ to get a grip on yourself and your personal and professional relationships.

High-Performance Sales with NLP

How to increase your sales and confidence by using the tools of NLP and EI. You are the empty-handed hunter and you want to make it, we hear you. A comprehensive course to prep you up to.

Mindset Reset

How to press the reset button when life gets stuck. Have important goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill? Befriend your mind and use it to propel you not to puzzle you.

Effective Relationships

How to develop, nurture, and maintain effective interpersonal relationships and grow together in a collaborative environment with TA, NLP, and EI you will learn the best ways to build and keep your relationships impactful and delightful.

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Shreeja is one of the finest Trainers we have in this part of the country.

Raman Nayyar 
(Businessman & National Trainer)

The Learning & Healing Getaways


Come with us to the mountains!

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